Hey there!

I’m Hillevi,  and I’m a writer. A word slinger. A blank-page annihilator.

(At least on my best days)

Some things about me:

I write about women who kick proverbial butt, general angst, and big adventures. Also magic. In all kinds of formats. (Please don’t make me pick one.) 

I’m a nerd for stuff like fan culture and how communities engage with stories. (Seriously, I wrote my thesis on online fan cultures and how fans and creators negotiate ownership. Because it’s fascinating and I wanted to legitimize the amount of times I’ve rewatched Buffy and Supernatural. NBD.)

I just wrote and directed two fictional podcast series – The London Necropolis Railway and Valgrind – together the Swedish producer Amanda Romare (Bloody Brilliant Productions/Gabriel Klints Insamlingstiftelse).

Currently working on an installation as part of an exhibit on the moment before writing begins for Litteraturrundan 2019 which will take place at Vollsjö Mill in May. 

I attended the University of St Andrews and the National Film and Television School in London. If you are into paying off people’s student loans please get in touch. (Jk, totally worth it)

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in working with me, curious to read something I’ve written, or just want to talk about Supernatural. I do that. A lot. (When I’m not fighting my cats for access to my desk.)

Oh and I have a company, Moxie & Mayhem Productions, if you’re interested in my producing, outreach, transmedia, and other less writerly-works.